Friday, May 31, 2013

Heroes Con Commission list pricing and stuff!

Going to Heroes Con next week! It's a great show, with a huge following and a great guest list. I'm honored to be among the Artists Alley there is a huge collection of talented guys there. 

 That said, I'm filling up my sketch list for the show. I'm going to be drawing in pencil ink and tone( marker on toned paper) with some watercolor commissions added to the mix.  So here are my prices as they stand right now!

Please email me if you want to get on my Sketch List list at 
25 8x10 $40 B&W pencil  Head/Bust Shot 
8x10 $40 B&W with ink wash for Head/Bust Shot 
$75 for Full Figures B&W with warm and cool grays 11x17 
$300 B&W Full Figure with ink wash 
$375 For Full Figure B&W with warm & cool grays 
$500 For Full Figure Watercolor/Or Paints with Ink 
$500 For Full Figure Watercolor/Or Paints with Ink

Look forward to seeing everyone at the show!


Here is a flyer with a few examples!

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