Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frankenstien: Step- by Step part 2

Here is the second post in the string of posts about this Mary Shelley's Frankenstien piece.  

 Construction part 2: 
Once I've established the gesture and basic positioning of the figure in space, I start to fill it out. If you look at the diagram, everything/part of the human anatomy can be seen as a series of interlocking parts or muscle groups. The muscle groups reflect tension back and forth through muscle groups. If one part of the body extends, another part must contract in order to keep balance and strength.

Here I've followed the flow of the body, the reflection of tension and defined them as areas of volume( rounded shapes) each of these rounded shapes represent a muscle or group of muscles and as you can see they expand(stretch) and contract( squash) depending on how they are being used in the body in position.

As I go the details begin to emerge. Since I've establsihed all the basics( head position and shape) by using the structure of the skull, for example, I can now place the features. The same is true of the fingers, and other details. I'm also adding the flowing cloth which will cover and expose the anatomy

Another view of this process can be found in my step by step monster book Scream!

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