Monday, May 2, 2011

Devils Six Gun Weird West Steampunk Horror and comics' style thoughts

Well the news is out, I've just completed a one shot for visionary comics/Image comics with my oft co- conspirator David Gallaher called Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun. I'm really happy with both the story and the art. David and I collaborated on a story outline ahead of time and then David delivered an awesom, heart wrenching script. I'm happy with the fact that the art returned with all the grit gristle and deadliness of High Moon. I kind of thought of this as as a child of High Moon for me artistically with a lot of nods to the process of the weird western I cultivated there.

After working for so long on giant projects( I just got off of Box 13: The Pandora Process which was over 100 pages long and in a more restrictive format. It was great to stretch my legs and see what kind of things I could do.

I've been very lucky to have found a style of working that suits me. Its hard when I'm working in the traditional penciller role because I never know what to expect from an inker, but with the work I ink my self I can let loose and trust that I will pick it up in ink and colors.

I can' wait to see what everyone thinks of the book!

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